How to attach leather suspenders to your pants

Posted on: Jun 2, 2018 | Author: bubibubi ties

How to attach leather tab suspenders to pants? We get asked this pretty often so we decided to put together a short guide for you.

How to attach leather suspenders to your pants

It's pretty straight forward. This type of suspenders is attached on buttons that are sewn onto your pants. If you don't own a pair of pants from 1922 where buttons would already be in place, as suspenders were a standard piece of clothing that every man wore, you will have to have them sewn on or just do it yourself.

Leather suspenders have 6 tabs so there are 6 buttons to be sewn on every pair of pants you'll want to wear them with. We recommend sewing the buttons on the inside so they are hidden and out of the way at times you don't want to wear suspenders. To help you out a bit we include two sets of buttons with every pair of our suspenders, more buttons can be ordered separately.

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Where to sew the buttons?

This will be a bit individual. It depends on your preferences and comfort as well as on the visual side of things. Some people like the tabs closer together (see photos), others may prefer having them wider away. This is really up to you. Here's how we like to wear them: measure 8-10 cm from the zipper to the side - there's your first button, about 1 cm below the top. From this button measure 6 cm further to the side - there's your second button. Repeat on the other side measuring from the zipper again. On the back just measure 3 cm to each side from the centre.

That's it! Now just button up and you're good to go.



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