Custom accessories for your special day!

Looking for a necktie, bowtie or other accessories for groom, groomsmen and your wedding guests? You can choose from our collection. If you have special requests please contact us. Custom orders from a fabric of your choice are possible from ten pieces.

Svatební kravata s květy
"Thank you for your awesome work and beautiful ties and bowties." - Martina a Vít

Kravata s květy na svatbu
"Thank you for beautiful wedding tie. :)" - Anna

Vázací motýlek s květy
Aleš and Evča at their lovely wedding. Congratulations!

Růžový motýlek s puntíky na letní svatbu.
Pink bowtie with polka dots.

Pastelové svatební motýlky

Pastel bowties at a wedding in Australia.

Tropical floral bow ties by bubibubi ties
Tropical bowties for Ben and his gang.

Ženich a jeho svatební parta byli sladění do modra.
Blue bowties for Tomáš and his wedding guests.

Kravaty s květinovými vzory na rustikální svatbu.
Floral neckties for rustic wedding.

Svatba v modré a žluté.