About us

It has been 5 years already since we started to make men more attractive, grooms more stylish, women more elegant and office outfits better than ever before.

For ties, bow ties and pocket squares we use strictly natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and wool. Forget the polyester misery and get yourself tie or bow tie that will make your outfit much more appealing. Most of our limited editions are created in Přerov here in Czech republic and the rest make our skillful suppliers from all around the world.

Bílá kravatová spona

Why buy from us?

Customer service
Not sure which accesories to choose? Sometimes it might be difficult to decide about the right pattern and color combinations. If you feel overwhelmed, we will be happy to help you find the perfect choice for you.

If you are in a hurry and need a wedding bow tie delivered on time, that is fine too. We will do our best to send your order as fast as we can so you can enjoy your special day in style.

Important part of our process is fabric selection. Only the best ones are choosen for our products. We pay spacial attention to details during production to make sure everything looks perfect.

Unique range
Paris map pocket square, tie with dolphins, woolen bow ties. Variety of patterns and textures that stand out.

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Kdo jsme?

Anna is taking care about production, day to day stuff and customer service. All the photos on our web are shoot by Peter who is also responsible for marketing and social networks. Together we pick new fabrics and create new collections.

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