Our brand bubibubi ties was founded not a long time ago, when we tried to find skinny ties and some pocket squares in our country. We found that it is quite tricky so we tried to sew a few. And so the idea was born. Suddenly everything from the choice of materials, matching patterns and colors to the craft was a lot of fun for us. So here we are. All our stuff is handmade and in small collections, so if you like something, don't hesitate!

bubibubi ties

We make Twin neckties from cotton fabrics that complement to both pattern and color. You can tie the tie so that the contrasting narrow end is hidden or you can show it off. Our ties are skinny, folded and sewn by hand and go well with both casual and formal outfits. Woolen neckties are all about the texture.

In bowties you can choose from a range of self-tie (How to tie a bowtie) in simple classics or playful patterns. We like pocket squares in interesting designs and patterns as well as elegant solids. Also, don't miss our Ladies ties collection, cufflinks and lapel pins - a simple lapel flower or button will spice up any casual blazer.

If you have special requests please contact us. Custom orders from a fabric of your choice are possible from ten pieces.

We are...  Anna and Peter

Anna manages manufacture, takes care of orders and customer service. Peter works on marketing, social networking and also all the photos. Together we choose new fabrics and materials and figure out new projects.

bubibubi ties Andy a Peter

Stores and Market dates

A list of stores and nearest events where you can see our products live is HERE!