• Orange pattern
    Orange pattern

    Original blueprints of architecture in beige tones and burnt orange pattern make for a perfect combination in our new collection of ties, self-tie bow ties and other accessories. Orange goes nicely with navy and blue suit, or maybe just jeans and grey cardigan and it will brighten up your outfit!

    Orange necktie and bow ties

  • Mustard dots
    Mustard dots

    We love dots! For these mustard and white ones we picked a floral ornament in natural colors. Try a self-tie reversible bowtie in this design - you can tie it four ways! The floral pocket square will go well with your blue, brown or orange ties also.

    Mustard dots necktie, bow tie and pocket squares

  • Navy nautical
    Navy nautical

    Solid ties are great and easy to combine, but sometimes it's fun to add a little twist to them. Limited summer collection with sea creatures is here!

  • Blue plaid
    Blue plaid

    Fresh new collection in pastel tones of blue and pink. Bow ties in blush pink or baby blue plaid, neckties or ladies bows will be perfect for your summer outfits.Nová modrá károvaná kolekce, Pastelová růžová kravata s puntíky

  • Beige ornament
    Beige ornament

    Elegant floral ornament and dots in pale beige is perfect for a summer wedding! Choose from necktie, bow tie or ladies tie and other accessories to complete your wedding outfit.

    The perfect wedding necktie or bowtie

  • Black yellow floral
    Black yellow floral
  • Beige hibiscus
    Beige hibiscus
  • Lavender plaid
    Lavender plaid

    Is lavender your favourite colour? This collection of tie, bowtie and pocket squares combines it with grey and white to make a perfect wedding accessory.

  • Mint floral
    Mint floral
  • Navy with floral
    Navy with floral
  • Brown floral
    Brown floral

    Tobacco brown with daring floral print in harmony with dusty pink.
    Choose from this new collection of necktie, bowtie, ladies tie and other accessories.

  • Blue striped and floral
    Blue striped and floral
  • Blue turtles
    Blue turtles
  • Tropical floral
    Tropical floral

    Welcome to the jungle! If you're not afraid to add some patterns and colors to your outfit, this is the collection for you. Palm leaves, lillies and hibiscus flowers will get you ready for summer parties.

  • Pastel red
    Pastel red
  • White yellow floral
    White yellow floral
  • Blue white floral
    Blue white floral
  • Brown pink floral
    Brown pink floral
  • Navy white floral
    Navy white floral
  • Navy white paisley
    Navy white paisley
  • Brown with feathers
    Brown with feathers
  • Pastel floral
    Pastel floral
  • Party

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